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What Makes Us Ambitious?

What makes us Ambitious? What makes us get out of bed in the morning and do that thing we do? Where does the drive come from and why does it happen to some of us later than others? Do you know that one guy or girl who has the drive to accomplish anything? And are you the type of person who just lays back and just let life happen and you watch it go by? What makes us ambitious? What makes the difference between the go-getters,  the lay-abouts and those of us in-between?

I’ve asked a lot of questions here, but isn’t that how we find answers, by asking the right questions. Something motivates us all, but it’s not the same thing or to the same intensity. Some people can’t be bothered by accumulating wealth, money doesn’t interest them, but they will run for hours and workout all day. They are motivated for health and attaining the physical goal, but financial isn’t part of it. Conversely, there are people who can describe every level of the latest Super Mario or God of War video games in order. They don’t feel the ambition to run a 5K or gain millions of dollars, but they have ambition. Just because a person’s ambition isn’t the same as ours, doesn’t mean they aren’t ambitious, just means it’s different. We all have a different journey. Where is your ambition taking you?

With ambition, comes motivation. Or is it the other way around? What makes us Ambitious can be answered by asking “what motivates us?”

Are you worried about your financial future? Do you hate the thought of doing without? Are you after the latest phone? Do you need things? I can’t answer these questions. These are personal. You have to look inside yourself and come up with that answer.

If you want some other hints and a great insight, try out Jeffery Kluger’s new article, Ambition: Why Some People Are Most Likely to Succeed.

If you want savings and extra income, let me know. If you are looking for a secondary revenue stream, contact me and I’ll share with you a great way to open yourself up and get motivation and ambition flowing. Then when someone ask you, “what makes us Ambitious”? You’ll have your answer for them.