7 Strategies to Success BrownSupport Ep #116

Here are the 7 Strategies to Success. I’m giving this speech tonight at our local Toastmaster’s meeting. This speech was influenced by Matt Morris’ Training along with John Maxwell and Jim Rohn.

1. Ability to Dream Big
2. Become an Expert
3. Create a Game Plan to your Goal
4. Massive Action
5. Leadership
6. Build Your Vision
7. Be 100% Responsible

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The Truth is the Truth and It’s Good Enough Ep 99

The Truth is what the future should be built upon. Speak the truth and you can be secure that you don’t need to change anything or hide. The truth is the truth and it’s good enough.

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My First Video: Greatness Costs

Greetings to my old and new readers. Today is a fun day…My first video is up and running and already getting good responses from Facebook and YouTube. I’ll be honest, I was a bit nervous and it took me 5 tries to get it going, but I did it and I’ll do more. The production costs are zero and it will be fun.

I was very inspired by my trip to Eric Worre’s GoPro Recruiting Event the first week of Dec. So, watching him and Ray Higdon on their respective sites give advice on videos, I decided to expand and attempt the same. I’ve always been the helping type and I’ve found myself in a profession that allows me to help and teach others to grow and develop on a personal and financial level.

Don’t think for a second I’ll be as good as them, but they set a wonderful example for me to strive for. My goal…be better today, than I was yesterday. And as Jarrod Wilkins said, Greatness costs what it costs and I advise you to check out his speech at the GoPro Event.

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Strive To Be Better

As Jim Rohn said: “Don’t wish it was easier wish you were better. Don’t wish for less problems wish for more skills. Don’t wish for less challenge wish for more wisdom.”

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6 More Benefits of More Cash Flow

Good afternoon and welcome again. I have 6 More Benefits of More Cash Flow. Recently, I was working on my personal business outlook and found some sites to expand and re-enforce my belief in everyone owning a home based business. Times are changing and will continue to change. More intelligent people than I am have explained how business is changing. People like Jim Rohn, Robert Kiyosaki, Warren Buffet and Eric Worre have said for years, a major way to get financial freedom is to have a home based business. Beyond the money, there are more benefits to owning a home based business.

  1. Flexibility – My father letters signs and vehicles on the side. He’s done this for years and has a big following and a reputation for getting the sign or vehicle done for his clients. He was able to have a home based business while he worked his 40 hour a week job and used his painting business to make ends meet and save up for the vacations our family would take growing up. The flexibility allowed him to do both his primary and secondary jobs. He made his own hours for the signs and his clients. You can do this also.
  2. Keep the Money – It’s your business and you keep the money you make. It’s not going to your boss or the corporation you work for. I had a friend tell me once; “Yeah, you make the money, but you still have to pay taxes on it”. True, but there will be tax deductions and plus, it’s still YOUR money. You earn it and you keep it and spend it for you and your family.
  3. No Area Restrictions – I have a friend who is a nurse. Like most of you, she has to work in the same place all day, however, her home based business allows her to go out and meet people from all walks of life and work with them anywhere. She’s not trapped by location in her home based business. Most of my co-workers and I have a set schedule to go by and a cubicle to work in, but our home based business lets me go out and work with others outside my office. And remember what my friend Mike Sims says, “Home based doesn’t mean home bound. You have to leave to make it work.”
  4. Scalability – The ability to grow and not be held down. Or you can shrink when you need to. You aren’t held to a set size. If you have office space or a store front, you are locked into a long term lease. You can’t cut back on rent or utilities. With a home based business, you can change easily and adjust to the circumstances. If you get sick and can’t make it to the office, that is wasted rent and upkeep. With a home based business, you can adjust quickly and make it work.
  5. No One to Answer to – This is a double edged sword. No one to tell you what to do. No one to set your schedule and no one looking over your shoulder or breathing down you neck. All great things. You have freedom and You are the BOSS. But you also need discipline. You only have yourself to answer to and for some, this could be a deal breaker, but I have faith in you. Be your own boss. Be what it takes to grow your future.
  6. Tax Benefits – I love this one. I really do. I’ve written entire articles on this one topic. (Really, it’s right here) Did you drive for your business? Mileage deduction. The mileage counts for 55.5 cents a mile according to the IRS.com. Did you use a room for office space? That percentage of your mortgage is your business expense. Did you travel to work with someone? Mileage, food and motel costs are deductible. Did you buy business cards, fliers, training material or anything else exclusively for your business? Deductions. As always, save all questions for your personal accountant. I talk to mine every month.

Here are some other sites that may help: SciTechDaily, AllBusiness, Investopedia, kevindonaldsononline, and Lara Sodon.

“Work hard at your job and you can make a living. Work hard on yourself and you can make a fortune.”

Jim Rohn

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Who Do You Look Up To?

Who Do You Look Up To? We all look up to someone. Either close to us or from afar. They could be famous or just an average person who gets our attention. They may invoke trust or emulation. They probably have flaws, but we look past the flaws to the greater good and do our best to learn from them. In facts, the flaws may be the characteristic that sets them apart and cause us to appreciate them even more by allowing the positive traits to stand out and shine even brighter. Below are some of my favorite people in the Network Marketing community. Each one brings a different quality to the table and have helped me grow my mindset and get me moving to a future that will allow me to help my family and friends financially and socially.

  1. Eric Worre – Eric Worre was 23 years old and realized he found what he was looking for. Network Marketing is a better way. It’s a stone cold fact. In the last 20 years, Eric’s passion has been helping others focus and develop the skills to grow in this profession. Eric’s book, Go Pro, has opened my eyes and shown me just what is out there and what I can do to make me a true professional in this business. Anyone that signs up with me gets a copy of Go Pro. That’s how much I love it. He does video blogs on his site and they are always informative. Check him out on Twitter also: @EricWorre
  2. Jim Rohn – I couldn’t list all of this man’s achievement’s, quotes, books, articles, Youtube videos, and TV appearances in one post. His motivating words are known throughout the world. He traveled everywhere to pass on his belief that we are greater than our situation and we don’t need to wish for better times, but for us to be better. “Don’t wish it were easier; wish you were better. Don’t wish for less problems; wish for more skills. Don’t wish for less challenges; wish for more wisdom.” I listen to this man at least 4 mornings a week.
  3. Les Brown – The other 3 days I listen to this man. Les Brown is a testament to motivation. You have to listen to him to really get the full impact. His voice, his passion, his spirit comes through and I know to believe it when he says; “IT”S POSSIBLE!”. Be sure to listen to him on Youtube, also. Twitter Account: @LesBrown77
  4. Jackie Ulmer – She’s the self proclaimed recovering MLM Skeptic. This site wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for her and the teaching she’s done. She has shown me the steps to get a website off the grown and at the same time gave me the confidence that Network Marketing is for real. Her podcast is topical and straight to the point with great information for any level. She has coached thousands how to start, own and operate successful home businesses. Twitter Account: @jackieulmer
  5. Todd Falcone – I found out about this guy through Eric Worre. Known as the “The Fearless Networker” with over 21 years of marketing experience, Todd now spends his time teaching and coaching companies and individuals across the world.
    He is the President of Reach4Success, LLC and has authored hundreds of articles including Insider Secrets to Recruiting Professionals, How to Win in the Game of Prospecting, The Little Black Book of Scripts, and The Fearless Networker. I love The Little Black Book of Scripts and read it often. Twitter Account: @todd_falcone
  6. Troy Dooley – I listen to this guy numerous times a week on his podcast “The Beachside CEO” on the Blog Talk Radio Network. He has that Entrepreneurial mindset and is a great motivator as well as a wonderful source of experience. His decade plus network marketing experience has uncovered new techniques and new mindsets as well as a few controversies. He is a speaker, a trainer and will be the news director for “The HBRN News Desk”. Like I said, I listen to him weekly and he always seems to have the right story or book to get me to think properly, stay dangerous and act like I’m in network marketing. Twitter Account: @troydooly

Who do you look up to? Come up with your own list and see who speaks to you and who motivates you. It could be anyone, but these guys and lady all give me information, motivation and confidence to do what needs to be done. They all give me belief in myself and they make me stand proud for what I’ve chosen to do.

Who Do You Look Up To?

Who Do You Look Up To?

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Top 6 Ways to Learn and Get Motivated or “Who wants to go on a Cruise?”

I’ve been on a reading/learning kick for the past few month and we know we need to get motivated. So here are my Top 6 Ways to Learn and Get Motivated.

  1. Jim Rohn – If you’ve not heard of Jim Rohn, I’m very sorry. I recently found him on the recommendation of a friend and he’s changed my outlook toward money and earning. The legacy Jim Rohn left us for personal development will influence people for many years to come. Please, take time to hear him speak and watch his videos. Many of his work is on YouTube and you need to watch him to understand why he’s at the top of my list. Power of Part Time by Jim Rohn on YouTube.
  2. Les Brown – Wow! When I found Les Brown, I was amazed. He brings a fire and a passion to the masses that will get anyone going, no matter what your business or goal. His is a wonderful story of building himself up from very little. He is Mamie Brown’s Baby Boy and he will explain to you why “IT’S POSSIBLE!!!” and “You Gotta Be Hungry!!!” on YouTube.
  3. Family and Friends – Whatever we are doing, don’t forget our “Why”. Don’t forget the family we sacrifice for and our friends who push us. Even if they try to cut us down at times (and they can do both), remember, to keep our family and friends in our life. I want to go out and make money and have security and grow as an individual, but I never want to lose my family and friends. What is the sense in having money and cars and education and neat toys and trips to exotic locations if I turn my back on the people I want to share my life with. You kids will remember how you included them or how you pushed them away. Your buddies won’t like you if you won’t spend time with them. Remember your family and friends.
  4. Mentors – A mentor is anyone who trains, imparts wisdom on and shares knowledge with a less experienced colleague. This person can be a coach, a preacher, a father or mother. He or she could be a neighbor, but no matter what the original relationship, this person takes an active interest in your future success. They share hidden bits of knowledge or they will lead you on the path to find the hidden knowledge. Remember, it’s hidden for a reason and a mentor can uncover them for you. Ask questions and get to know someone who is succeeding at what you want to try.
  5. Books and Guru’s – Now this is a combination of options. Jim Rohn and Les Brown can be considered Guru’s, but they are primarily motivational speakers. This list also involves learning and each topic has a couple hundred books written about it and experts in that field. They put thousands of hours of study and experience together so you don’t have to. I’m reading a great book right now by Eric Worre called Go Pro: 7 Steps to Becoming A Network Marketing Professional. This book has opened my eyes to getting out and talking to people correctly for the right response. I’ve also finished Robert Kiyosaki’s Rich Dad Poor Dad. This book should be in every 8th Grade Finance class. What? The 8th Grade doesn’t have a Finance class? See where I’m going with this?
  6. Internet – This is a given of course. You are reading this using the internet. Right now, there are approx. 1 billion Google searches every day, 300 million Internet users reading blogs, and 2 billion videos viewed daily on YouTube according to a 2010 study and you know those numbers have grown in the past 3 years. {source} At anytime, you can find information about any topic from all over the world with many different view points and with many different opinions. You are bound to find a site the is saying what you want to believe to help you learn the correct way to share your product and get you empowered to make life happen. So get out there and find it. Or if you can find it…Share it. You be the change in the your world.
“Don’t be distracted by criticism. The only taste of success some people have is when they take a bite out of you.” – Zig Ziglar. This can also mean your internal criticism. How many times have we stopped ourselves from doing what we know is right because our internal monologue talked us out of it? Don’t listen to negative. Embrace the positive.

As always, please Contact me for information on savings and earnings for you, your family and small business. And also, “Who wants to go on a Cruise?” I DO!!! I’ll let you in on how to go on a cruise. This is a very limited time offer and I need to hear from you soon. I believe you can do it.

Why? How? Now!

Why? That’s what we all ask. Why? Why do we need to change? Why can we make a difference? Why do I want to change my life? People want to know Why we are doing what we do. It’s a valid request. I believe our “Why” has to be big enough to push ourselves to change.
I have a “Why”. My mother was diagnosed with cancer and as you all know, medical bills are outrageous and we need more income. It was a wake up call for me. I won’t get rich sitting in a cube working for other people. I put in 45+ hours a week and it’s not building me anything beyond a paycheck. I know what I make each year and I know it’s shrinking everyday. Gas goes up, movie prices go up and health insurance goes up. I’m tired of saying “I can’t Afford that.” I want to say “I’m going to find out How to Afford that”. I see people around me doing better and I want in on it. I’m tired of telling people ‘No’ because of money or the lack there of. I’m tired of carrying a loan balance. I would rather be tired from working hard than financial frustrations. Most of us know and live with the fact that we could be out of a job at anytime. The plan to work 40 hours a week for 40 years then retiring isn’t the norm anymore. We all need to have a back up plan.

I am tired of not living to my full potential or even half of my potential. 2 months ago, I was at the exact same place I was 5 years ago and I don’t want to be in that place anymore. I need a change. Don’t be in the same place a year from now. I have helped people all my life and I’ve found a way to help people earn a part time income to assist my full time job. You can do it, too. I have faith in you. Give it a shot and start doing something.

My story isn’t different than others and it’s lived everyday. We work hard and spend our time for a company or someone else, at the same time, we don’t set aside enough money for ourselves, our kids or our future. I believe we can set extra aside for our fortune with a part time job; a plan B. The potential to add Thousands of dollars a year to your pocket is here. We just have to make it happen. Make the change and step out into the world with your own part time business. I will help you and I can show you how. Contact me and I believe and I know you can change your life.

Jim Rohn says: If you don’t like how things are, change it! You’re not a tree.

He also reminds us: “I’m working full-time on my job and part time on my fortune.  But it won’t be long before I’m working full-time on my fortune. . . can you imagine what my life will look like?”

Can you imagine what your life will be like?

What happens when your primary income is gone?

What happens when your primary income is gone? A quick story: A friend of mine is having a job crisis because out of the blue her job is gone for the next unknown amount of time. She should be panicking and scared, but she’s not because she has the added income from her part time job. Her part time job is going to give her peace of mind while going thru the absence of a weekly paycheck.

This happens too often to people, but you can fix this.  What happens when your primary income is gone? Have a secondary income. Work for your fortune with your part time job. Don’t rely upon your primary income to solve your problems if you already have income problems. Health insurance is always going up. The government isn’t going to give us more. Your job doesn’t want to pay you more. They might eventually, but it’s not going to just happen out of the blue. We have to make our future happen. A secondary income will give you the chances you can use to build your fortune.

So again, I ask; What happens when your primary income is gone? Along with the tax deductions I’ve mentioned, I have a great and excitingly wonderful opportunity to grow your fortune as you work part time.

“Formal education will make you a living; self-education will make you a fortune.” – Jim Rohn

“You know it is a bit difficult to get rich on wages, but anybody can get rich on profits”. – Jim Rohn

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Motivation: We all need it. I went thru a lack of motivation in the past two days and what brought me around? I talked to friends who believe in me. Surrounding ourselves with friends and family who believe in us is a wonderful way to keep our focus and motivated to go out and do our job. We also need to go out of our way to find and keep contact with successful people. It’s amazing how much lack of motivation could also be a lack of confidence. If we are worried or have doubt forming, our motivation drops. Motivation is nearly a direct result of positivity. The more positive energy around us, the more success we will find. Staying positive isn’t easy. But remember, positive attracts. Negative repels. Smile and you will be happy. Say nice things and nice things will be said to you. Stay positive. I’ve learned to increase my motivation by watching or listening to Motivational Speakers. Les Brown, Jim Rohn, Tony Robbins, and the legendary Zig Ziggler are all wonderful and available on YouTube for a quick watch to get your blood pumping,  confidence built and motivation growing.

Contact me for savings and extra earnings.

Check out TheHappinessNetwork’s YouTube of Jim Rohn’s Do The Best You Can