It’s Been Too Long. So much has happened.

Why have I been gone so long from my website?

Honestly, I just let the time fly by. So much has happened in the past year. I got married to lovely lady, Gretchen. My son graduated from High School and has gone onto Murray University. He’s doing well and it’s been an interesting change for the family. But, a good change. My daughter is working full-time and is getting ready to move out on her own.

But why has it been so long? A combination of things distracted me to say the least. The biggest situation has been the diagnosis on my father; Hodgkin’s lymphoma. Sadly, it’s hit him pretty hard and it’s been my job to take care of him. I don’t mind, but it does require me to change some priorities. Such is life. He’s staying positive and does his treatments a couple of times a month and it’s noticeably taking it’s toll on his body.

What I ran into felt like a waking dream. I just didn’t realize how much time was passing from my last post to now. I would check my site and just didn’t notice it had been Sept of 2016 for my last post. However, things are back in motion.

This has been a big change. How big? Recently, my wife has moved to Pennsylvania and I’ve been spending time up there. This has caused me to separate from my full time job to help take care of Dad and be able to spend time up there with her. I’ve been fortunate in this change and I’m excited to see what the future holds.

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