Top 6 Things I Learned Co-Hosting Outside the Cinema

Here are the Top 6 Things I Learned Co-hosting Outside the Cinema with Bill By Force and Mr. Chris. For those of you who aren’t aware, Outside The Cinema is a weekly podcast that focuses on different forms of cult movies; anything from Horror to Exploitation and Noir to Martial Arts and back. They have been doing this for over 4 years and do not miss an episode. Even multiple back surgeries don’t keep these guys away from putting on a show every week along with bonus episodes like the recent Adam Greene interview and the occasional music podcast for some variety. The show also has segments by Reverend Scott and Eric Reanimator. Scott is notorious for twisted humor and Eric is a deep backlog of music history. This team and their show is a great learning experience for anyone ready to start their own business. These are my Top 6 Things I Learned Co-Hosting Outside the Cinema.

6. DO IT! Here is what matters in life. Living it. Making things happen. Don’t let it happen around you. If you want to do anything, if you want something to happen, if you want that special moment…Make it happen. You do it! Bill and Chris saw other podcasts and said, “I want to do it”. He did it. If you want something, go for it. It won’t drop in your lap and no one will give it to you.

5. It’s Work. The great shows don’t come easy. Bill and Chris along with Reverend Scott and Eric work hard to put a great show out for the fans and friends who listen. We the listener take for granted just how much work goes on behind the scenes before the mics are even turned on. I’m not creative enough to even guess at how many hours Rev. Scott has to sift through for his time. The editing Eric does adds up quickly and Bill and Chris have to watch some pretty bad movies. All combine to put a great show, but it comes from work. The good news is that it pays off. Maybe not financially, but they prove doing something you love for people you care about adds to your life. Nothing comes easy and it requires work.

4. Take Care of Your Customer. We don’t pay for the show. It’s a free download and I don’t have to sign up for anything. But that doesn’t matter, because the guys take care of us. If someone puts their trust in you and your business, remember to take care of them. If the guys stopped thinking about the fans and their friends, it wouldn’t take long for their listeners to find someone else to spend their time on. Same holds true for your customers. Treat them right and remember they are why we do what we do; to help others. If you don’t take care of them, someone else will. OTC takes care of us, that’s why we come back for more.

3. Tell a Story. Every week, I hear new stories from OTC. They review 2 movies, they have a new top 6 list, Eric drops music knowledge and Scott makes us laugh. They tell stories. As a business owner or marketer or whatever you do that attracts others, you must tell stories. People love stories. We don’t hear facts and figures as much as we love to hear stories that motivate us and cause others to follow us. People are asking 3 questions: “Who are you? What do you have? And Why should I care?” As they listen to you, they are thinking: “Can I do this?” and “Is it worth it?” Your story and experience will motivate them to join you or contract with you. Bill and Chris tell their stories and we want to come back each week because we want to know more of what they have experienced.

2. Use the Internet. This may seem like an easy thing to know already, but this show couldn’t work 10 years ago…maybe even 7 years ago. The technology and society have merged online. Get your business online and interacting with customers from many different walks of life using the internet. I still hear people today, “It won’t work online”. Really? Stories can be told online. Pictures and videos are used everyday to promote goods and services on a personal level. The internet isn’t going anywhere and the longer you stay off of it, the farther back you will be playing catch up. I sat in Bowling Green, Ky and interacted with the guys near Boston. Even with some minor tech issues at first, we were able to make a connection and if you can make a connection, you can make a sell.

1.Be Excited About Yourself. This was my regret. I love this site and I love what I do, but at the end of the show, I didn’t come off as excited as I usually am. I had an outlet to share my excitement and I was worried about coming off too enthusiastic. It’s better to regret the things you did, than the things you didn’t do. And I didn’t show my excitement given the opportunity. And rightly, Bill called me out on it. That taught me a lesson. Sell yourself. Sell your business and be excited for yourself. If you are able to get an audience, let them know what you believe and get them excited. Use your stories to cause curiosity and excitement to stir them into joining you and your business.

Did I have a great time with the OTC guys? Oh yeah. I really loved doing it and I hope this article didn’t come off as an ego stroke for the guys, but if you look at circumstances from the correct angle you can learn new lessons.

Thanks again to Bill Fulkerson and Christopher Bricklemyer for their time and a wonderful show. I was on Show #277 for anyone curious. Their shows can be downloaded on iTunes and you can watch live at

If you have any questions or comments, feel free to contact me.

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