What happens when your primary income is gone?

What happens when your primary income is gone? A quick story: A friend of mine is having a job crisis because out of the blue her job is gone for the next unknown amount of time. She should be panicking and scared, but she’s not because she has the added income from her part time job. Her part time job is going to give her peace of mind while going thru the absence of a weekly paycheck.

This happens too often to people, but you can fix this.  What happens when your primary income is gone? Have a secondary income. Work for your fortune with your part time job. Don’t rely upon your primary income to solve your problems if you already have income problems. Health insurance is always going up. The government isn’t going to give us more. Your job doesn’t want to pay you more. They might eventually, but it’s not going to just happen out of the blue. We have to make our future happen. A secondary income will give you the chances you can use to build your fortune.

So again, I ask; What happens when your primary income is gone? Along with the tax deductions I’ve mentioned, I have a great and excitingly wonderful opportunity to grow your fortune as you work part time.

“Formal education will make you a living; self-education will make you a fortune.” – Jim Rohn

“You know it is a bit difficult to get rich on wages, but anybody can get rich on profits”. – Jim Rohn

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Tax Deductions

Did you know your home business can cut your taxes? The Tax Deductions are out there, but you have to put yourself out there with a home business and follow what the IRS has laid out. Bankrate.com has a great article for you to check out, but here are a few high lights. Also, be sure to work with your personal accountant and IRS.gov to make sure everything is correct for your situation.

  1. Home Office: Be sure the office space is devoted to your business and absolutely nothing else.
  2. Furniture and Office Supplies: This should be a given. When you buy them, save every receipt and save the records. It’s amazing the allowances on this.
  3. Computers and Electronics: Again, save all receipts and records. This also covers software and application subscriptions.
  4. Mileage and Vehicle Maintenance: This is another choice. This requires you to keep records of your travels and all mileage. The mileage counts for 55.5 cents a mile according to the IRS.com.
  5. Travel for the Job: Do anything for the job, even travel. It can pay for itself.
  6. Personal Insurance: This is a deeper topic and I advise checking the article for more details. If you are paying all of your insurance and your retirement plan through your full time job, it’s 100% deductible. Again, check the original article and your accountant.
  7. Social Security: This one is a question for your personal accountant, also.

There are many ways your home business can reward you and help you in these tough economic times. We all need extra savings and an extra income. Please contact me and I’ll share with you a great way to do both.

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Motivation: We all need it. I went thru a lack of motivation in the past two days and what brought me around? I talked to friends who believe in me. Surrounding ourselves with friends and family who believe in us is a wonderful way to keep our focus and motivated to go out and do our job. We also need to go out of our way to find and keep contact with successful people. It’s amazing how much lack of motivation could also be a lack of confidence. If we are worried or have doubt forming, our motivation drops. Motivation is nearly a direct result of positivity. The more positive energy around us, the more success we will find. Staying positive isn’t easy. But remember, positive attracts. Negative repels. Smile and you will be happy. Say nice things and nice things will be said to you. Stay positive. I’ve learned to increase my motivation by watching or listening to Motivational Speakers. Les Brown, Jim Rohn, Tony Robbins, and the legendary Zig Ziggler are all wonderful and available on YouTube for a quick watch to get your blood pumping,  confidence built and motivation growing.

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